• Inspired by nature's organic forms, Diza Collective’s furniture designs celebrate the fluidity and grace of curvilinear shapes.  Contemporary curves are found in abundance in its iconic sofas, chairs and tables, created by a team of award-winning designers.

  • This natural inclination towards curves is embodied in the principles of feng shui which emphasises the importance of energy flow, favouring curved edges over hard straight angles to facilitate the free movement of chi. Science backs up the practice of feng shui, with neuroscientists proving that ‘this love of the curve isn’t just a matter of personal taste, it’s part of our basic brain chemistry’ since ‘curvature appears to affect our feelings, which in turn could drive our preference

‘Life is probably round’

Van Gogh 

  • Researchers found that angular lines were associated with feelings such as furious, hard, serious, agitating  and curved lines had associated feelings of merry, gentle, quiet, sad and lazy. Later studies found that curves are more serene, graceful and tender-sentimental(Lundholm, 1921; Poffenberger & Barrows, 1924 – study of angularity)

  • It appears that curves go hand in hand with creating harmony, balance and quietude making us feel safe, relaxed and happy, which is essential for our well-being and environment. As if that wasn’t enough, curves are very much in vogue in the world of interiors right now.

    And it’s not just circular design that Diza embraces.

  • Each carefully considered piece from Diza Collective is made from quality durable materials with multi-functional components that are easy to store, renew and transport to support longevity. This concept of circular recycling underpins their design principles to create a harmonious circle of life, reflecting eternity. Every material used in the production process can be reused to keep the operation functioning. Woodchips, for example, provide a useful fuel to heat the factory and fabric remnants can be used for insulation.  Materials can be soldered for resale which results in virtually zero waste.

  • Made with meticulous attention to detail with complete customer satisfaction in mind, function, comfort and versatility are integral to the design process alongside technological advancements, emerging trends and design aesthetics. With such detailed consideration, it is no wonder Diza Collective strive to preserve the life cycle of its products.

  • CUT chair

  • BRO chair

  • MORSETTO chair

  • SMOOTH chair

  • Let’s start our journey with the Harbuz Chair, a true masterpiece crafted by the talented Ira Lisyuk. Inspired by natural curves, the Harbuz Chair is designed to celebrate the artistic form and gently rounded curves of the humble pumpkin which grows naturally in abundance in Ukraine, found commonly in gardens.

  • After graduating from the Ukrainian Academy of Design, Irina spent many years focusing on private projects before switching her attention to object design. This simple but stylish chair is created with comfort and snugness in mind. Like wrapping yourself in a duvet, it invites you to sink back in its sumptuous, padded back enveloping you in a warm hug.

  • Whether you’re curling up with a good book or enjoying a moment of respite from the chaos of everyday life, it is the perfect companion for blissful solitude. The comforting backrest is formed from a series of curvaceous cushions. Upholstered in the cosiest boucle wool, it is topped off with simple metal legs that allow the seat to take centre stage.

  • To complement its form, it is available in a variety of pumpkin-spiced tones together with nature-inspired hues including calming neutrals, mossy greens and petrol blues. Enticing alternatives include cranberry, blush rose and burnt charcoal. The same harmonious blend of colours and materials can be found throughout Diza Collective’s designs.

  • Not to be outdone, Dmytro himself ventured into design with his oxyq Chair which benefits from a slim light profile without compromising on comfort. Available in two versions, this chair seamlessly blends practicality with sophistication. The first, a reclining swivel chair is the perfect addition to office space, with its angular back and slender form that saves on space. The second, a compact yet surprisingly comfortable chair has the versatility to fit into any desirable nook.

  • Similar in design, this one has a slightly taller back to lean right into. Dmytro designed the swivel chair with an optional wooden back to suit light or dark colour schemes which is also available in the full suite Diza fabric collection. Inspired by his initial success, he went on to create further design classics.

  • Crafted from ash massif, the Circino Chair embodies Scandinavian simplicity with a touch of mid-century modern flair. With its carefully angled joints and geometric curves, it adds warmth and character to any room. To suit many styles, it is available with a solid wooden back in a choice of tonal shades or an optional rattan back for a more relaxed feel.

  • His third creation is the aptly named Living Chair, a simple wood chair you can pull up anywhere. Compact in size, chairs can be stacked to save space. Made from natural wood, this practical chair has been elevated from the realms of mere ordinary, by its meticulous attention to detail with its gently curving components joined together with graceful ease. The Living chair can be customised in a choice of paint to complement décor or made with optional wood tones.

  • And then there’s Yevhenii Litvinenko’s, cheekily named Ж•Gspot collection of sofas and chairs which really hits the spot when it comes to total relaxation! His name might sound familiar. Yevhenii is also the designer of the O collection of wallpapers  presented in Ukrainian Product Design. With comfort as the primary focus, his careful consideration of posture and position throughout the design process, ensures no hard edges spoil the experience.

  • Having visited numerous exhibitions and sat on thousands of chairs, Yevhenii knows a thing or two about design when it comes to chairs. Simple, stylish and striking, like a sumptuous, folded mattress, the base is angled for comfort and grounded with a simple tubular armrest. In addition to the Diza Collective colour choice, the design can be customised, like the one pictured here, in striking contemporary royal blue.

  • The allure of curves doesn't end there. Award-winning designer Dmytro Kozinenko designed the Snowy Sofa.  Graduating in graphic art, he has been working in product design for the last decade in addition to working on manufacturing designs for the likes of Roche Bobois, Durame, and Breitenthaler.

  • His sculptural aesthetic is evident in the ‘Snowy sofa’ design, so called because it embraces slopes like softly moulded snow in the shape of a rounded rectangle with gently curving sides. This simple yet stylish design consists of one solid bed that forms the base with a stepped indentation that snuggly fits the solid armrest. His artistic interpretation is further defined by two gently curved pillows, to complete the look.

  • The founder and creator of +kouple, Dan Vakhrameyev, went on to create the Dear Chair and Sofa which takes its name from the feeling it evokes. Like a warm embrace from a loyal companion at the end of a long day, the Dear chair is iconic in design.  With endearing wooden legs like dowels which support the sloped cushions of its gently rounded back and seat pad, it is small but oh so perfectly formed. Exuding comfort and serenity, it makes a cosy and welcome addition to the home.

  • Recipient of numerous design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot award, Elle Decorations and Roche Bobois, to name a few, designer Denis Sokolov designed the Cut Chair. Graduating in civil engineering and architecture, he also has a master’s degree in urban planning and architecture and co-founded Svoya Studio.

  • His ‘Cut Chair’ makes a statement in its chunky yet practical composition not unlike a stack of cards that are vertically placed with precision balance. Available in two sizes, with or without arms, it combines modern aesthetics with soft curves for practical comfort, offering a versatile seating option. Choose from small and wide or tall and thin (luge).

  • When it comes to curve appeal, there are so many amazing designs to discover. The full range from renowned designers Katerina Sokolova, Pavlo Vitrov, Vladislav Tolochko, Max Voytenko and Ross Sorokovyi, can be explored further. Discover the circular credentials of Ukrainian’s finest, with Diza Collective and hear more about their inspirational story.

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