• DIZA Collective is a beacon of innovation and artistry in contemporary Ukrainian furniture design. Their commitment to quality, comfort, durability, sustainability and style has redefined the very essence of furniture creation.

    At the core of DIZA's design philosophy lies a profound appreciation for the inherent multifunctionality of ordinary objects. They advocate for convenience, innovation, and the recycling philosophy. The entire production process is structured around circular recycling, ensuring that each piece they create can be effortlessly renewed, expertly repaired, efficiently transported, or discreetly stored whenever needed.

The main concept of the brand is high-quality, practical products with a purpose to enhance  your  space, providing balanced aesthetics

Dmytro Zanko

  • A Conceptual Ukrainian Furniture Production

    DIZA Collective has carved a niche with its conceptual approach to designer furniture. The brand represents a powerful Ukrainian production of modern furniture that not only speaks to local sensibilities but has a global resonance. DIZA, at its core, believes that furniture is a tangible form of sculptural art. With an emphasis on clean lines, bold forms and contemporary aesthetics, their products embody a sense of purity and simplicity, inviting you to surround yourself with elegant, modern and eye-catching forms. DIZA's furniture transcends function to become a living sculpture, a testament to the marriage of art and design in everyday life.

  • Quality, Comfort, Durability, and Style

    At the heart of DIZA's philosophy are core values that resonate with the demands of today's conscious consumer. Quality, comfort, durability, sustainability, and style are more than just buzzwords; they're the guiding principles behind every piece they create. DIZA ensures that these elements are completely integrated into their furniture.

    What also sets DIZA apart is their commitment to hands-on craftsmanship, as they oversee the manufacturing process in their factory in Ukraine. Their guiding principle is best expressed through the purposeful fusion of cutting-edge technology, a dedication to local production, and a spirit of collaborative teamwork. With each piece, they bring together the best of modern technology, creating furniture that transcends trends and stands the test of time.

  • Collaboration at the core of the entire design process

    DIZA Collective maintains an unwavering commitment to collaboration with Ukrainian designers. They now collaborate with many designers, including Yevhenii Litvinenko, Dan Vakhrameyev +kouple, Ira Lysiuk, Dmytro Zanko, Pavel Vetrov, Serhiy Lvov, Denis Sokolov, and Max Voytenko.

We create more than just furniture - we create emotions through our pieces of furniture art. All our collaborators are united by this one idea - to create something that is more than furniture, more than a material object

Dmytro Zanko

  • This collaborative spirit not only elevates DIZA's offerings but also sets the stage for a dynamic and ever-evolving journey in the world of modern furniture design. With each new partnership, DIZA Collective continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of eco-conscious design, providing customers with both beautiful and sustainable solutions for their living spaces. They approach their work empathetically, crafting each piece as if it were meant for themselves. It's this perspective, rooted in a deep understanding of their customers' needs, that breathes life into every creation.

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