• Highly collectable, memorable, and meaningful, feast your eyes on the extraordinary creations of three diverse and inspirational designers.

    Discover the collections of Tasha Oro, Gorn Ceramics and Zv`yazany.

  • With a focus on urban recycled art, Tasha’s bold striking designs are inspired by her ethical desire to repurpose extraneous items that no longer serve us.  From cans, to cars, her eclectic designs incorporate fragments of appliances, cardboard, and corrugated iron.  Raw components include Soviet automotive parts, vintage crystal and porcelain dating back to the socialist era.  With her artist’s eye and unique style, she weaves her magic, turning potential landfill into highly sought-after collector’s pieces that would earn a special place in any design-conscious and eco-friendly home.

  • Her collection encompasses oversized art pieces, quirky decorations and urban afro-ukro jewellery, combining Ukrainian and African influences.  Each piece is crafted with her own inimitable style.  Her designs have evolved from muted earthy tones with an industrial edge, to eye-catching colours of royal blue. azure, mustard and spice which combined create an exotic feel.

  • Tapping into her Ukrainian roots, the influence of traditional folk art is heavily imprinted in her designs alongside the monumental art of the Soviet era, developed as an antidote to communist Russia.  Fittingly, this also reflects her declaration of support for the #SaveKyivModernism public movement.

  • After enjoying a highly successful career in interior journalism, (writing a series of books and achieving the coveted position of editor-in-chief of the first edition of "Vogue Home. Ukraine"), Tasha leaned into her true calling.  The desire to express her values through art became her driving force.  Having participated in prestigious art exhibits throughout Europe, she has now acquired a substantial following, with many clients clambering to be the first in line at the launch of a new product. 

  • Gorn Ceramics specialises in creating unique ceramics in the form of sculptures, vases and textured wall art, fashioned from clay using traditional methods.  The collection is characterised by fluid lines, camouflaged colours, and perfect imperfections, accurately representing living organisms in their natural form, in a style reminiscent of Gaudi.

  • The company was founded in Kyiv by creative director Bogdan Kryvosheya and second-generation ceramist, Yuriy Myrko, born in the capital city of Opishnya, known as the "ceramics' capital" of Ukraine.  

  • Yuriy says of his art ‘For me, clay is a material that makes you alive’, a sentiment that is reflected in his true-to-life creations, inspired by both nature and spirituality.

  • Aptly named collections include corals, flora, flame, and temples with further designs focusing on the natural curves, dimples and intricate folds found in pumpkins, conifers, lotus flowers and poppy seeds.
    For Yuriy, creation is less a conscious decision and more a spiritual evolution. 

When a person is in union with nature for a long enough time, the rhythm of life adjusts to the rhythm of all surroundings, and all small worries that constantly bother you recede to the background or disappear. In all living organisms created by nature, you can clearly trace a certain regularity, it is a natural rhythm in their structure that unites them all.

Yuriy Myrko

  • You could be forgiven for thinking his creations are made from a plethora of different materials including bronze, paper, and stone.  Such is the meticulous attention to detail and intense labour of love that goes into the delicate hand-crafted design process.  The results are quite remarkable, creating matt and glaze effects that mimic the reflective prisms of the natural world, the crevasses formed by decades of erosion etched over time and the crusty deposits of salt, seaweed and barnacles that evolve organically underwater. 

  • Yuriy’s flame collection employs traditional methods using a wood-smoking kiln. This labour-intensive process requires expert mastery of wood-burning techniques to regulate the flow of oxygen and control temperature. Only through this method can he achieve the natural and irreplaceable effect of scorched earth, as if the pots had been naturally burnt by the intensity of the sun.

  • His temple and pagoda collections are inspired by the geometric curves and uniform lines displayed in religious Asian architecture creating awe-inspiring structures with lifelike patinas and textures, which are a delight to the senses. 

  • Equally inspiring are the artistic creations of Zv`yazani, a company specialising in intricately designed and specially commissioned hand-woven rugs and tapestries.

  • After identifying a gap in the market, founders Olha and Natalya have revived the centuries-old techniques of multi-shaft handloom weaving, which has largely been replaced by mass production. 

  • Weavers (sourced from textile graduates of Kyiv University), dye the wool by hand using natural dyes. It’s a labour of love with rugs taking between 1-3 months to complete.
    Natalya says ‘the reaction from followers has been amazing’ with orders being taken from as far afield as Japan and USA as well as Europe.

  • Clients can order bespoke rugs made to a specific size, colour, and design, opting for modern designs or highly symbolic traditional Ukrainian folk art. Popular patterns include the family tree, symbolising strength in the family, village, city and country which now, more than ever, has a special significance in Ukraine.   

  • Other traditional designs include ‘June’ as the embodiment of Summer and fertility, ‘Nuances’ celebrating the uniqueness and self-acceptance of women and ‘Naked Beauty’, portraying the freedom of unguarded natural beauty.

  • There is still time to order before Christmas for rugs less than 4 square metres.  For larger orders, a replica may be created to give as a Christmas gift before completion in approximately two months.

  • We hope we’ve inspired you with this incredible collection of highly collectable, hand-crafted designs, the embodiment of love, passion and spirituality which make truly exceptional gifts.

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