FROM WASTE TO WONDER: Tasha Oro's Upcycling Journey (or Upcycled Artistry)

  • In the ever-evolving world of art and design, where the call for responsibility towards our environment has never been more pressing, self-taught talents shine brightly, and Tasha Oro, a Ukrainian artist, is undoubtedly one of them. She specialises in crafting unique art objects from discarded materials, breathing new life into what some might consider waste. Tasha is at the forefront of upcycling culture, reshaping the design landscape in response to environmental challenges.

  • Tasha Oro is particularly intriguing for the British market because of her alignment with the UK's growing commitment to sustainability and her resonance with the growing interior design trend known as "dopamine dressing." In a world where colour, pattern, and tactile objects in the home ambience are seen as ways to promote happiness, Oro's designs perfectly meet this demand, offering jewellery, household objects, and decorative accessories that combine bold aesthetics with environmental responsibility. British consumers increasingly seeking eco-conscious, one-of-a-kind pieces will undoubtedly find Oro's creations irresistible. 

  • Tasha Oro's journey began in 2015 out of a simple necessity - the need for bold accessories. However, a personal quest soon blossomed into something much more significant. Within a year and a half, Tasha Oro's scope had expanded, giving birth to sculptures, art objects, and large-format panels.

  • The Roots of Creativity

    Tasha Oro's creative journey goes beyond the mere transformation of materials. It delves deep into exploring cultural phenomena from contemporary trends to the archaic layers of the collective unconscious. Oro sees herself as a direct inheritor of Ukraine's avant-garde from the early 20th century. She profoundly admires artists like Malevych and the Boychukists, dedicating a series of sculptures to their creative spirit. Moreover, for Oro, Ukrainian folk art, with its timeless and deep symbolism, is a perpetual source of inspiration woven into the DNA of her visual and conceptual ideas.

  • A Commitment to Ecology

    One of the core themes that resonates profoundly with Tasha Oro is ecology. She is deeply concerned by the transformation of previously coveted objects into mere trash in the blink of an eye. To her, every discarded item in a landfill represents not just waste but also the time, talent, intellectual effort, and resources that went into its creation. It's a stark reminder of the need for responsible consumption and the importance of sustainability.

  • The Art of Upcycling

    Oro's artistic journey naturally led her to embrace upcycling as her creative method. She doesn't think of waste as waste but as a resource. She scours second-hand stores and flea markets, turning them into treasure troves of materials and inspiration. Her work often features components from the Soviet automotive industry, parts of machinery and household appliances from the era of developed socialism, vintage porcelain, crystal, and discarded furniture production remnants. It's a testament to the beauty and potential hidden in what others might cast aside.

I collect material with my own hands and give it new meanings through the ideas and images that excite me

Tasha Oro

  • Tasha Oro's creations are potent examples of responsible creativity in a world where art, sustainability, and innovation intersect. Her art objects transcend their material origins, telling unique stories of transformation and renewal. Each piece echoes the spirit of our times, where repurposing and reimagining the past can shape a more sustainable future. In a world where waste is rampant, she finds beauty and meaning in what others discard. It's a message that resonates not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders.

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