London, October 2023


  • With immense pride, Ukrainian Product Design, the UK’s umbrella organisation of Ukrainian designers, took to the stand to exhibit at Decorex International this year. Featuring an extraordinary collection of iconic statement pieces including luxury furniture, lighting, and rugs alongside bold eclectic artefacts, wallcoverings, and upholstery, Ukrainian Product Design brings together hugely talented Ukrainian artists and designers, committed to preserving traditional craftsmanship to create cutting-edge contemporary design.

  • With an ethos of unwavering commitment and passionate defiance, designers working inside Ukraine and across Europe, can continue their work and showcase it on the international stage.

    From precision-crafted furniture to urban recycled art, each piece is designed to stand proud in architecturally rich interiors. Typical clients might include design-conscious hotel lobbies, galleries, and restaurants, high-end commercial retailers and contemporary homes and offices.  UPD encompasses bespoke commissions as well as design and furnishing services.

  • With so many favourites to choose from, organisers had a hard time deciding which to exhibit.
    Headliners included the unforgettable ‘Bubbles’ cabinet, a masterstroke of ingenious and artistic design with a playful edge and surprisingly practical features. Cleverly suspended between two cubes, a mass of mesmerising bubbles hypnotically delights the senses. Led lighting adds to the drama, providing an ethereal quality synonymous with floating bubbles.

  • Visitors were also drawn to the EDGE sliding bar cabinet. Confidently demanding attention through its splendid display of fluted lines and generous curves, it’s made from the perfect combination of muted marble and majestic metal. With hidden depths, the bar rises hydraulically to reveal the full glory of its superior form and function.

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  • Founded in 2023, by Oksana Tverdokhlibova, Ukrainian Product Design is the UK’s umbrella organisation of award-winning designers specialising in unique, quality, design pieces for the commercial, residential and hospitality industries.  Décor items include ceramics, sculpture, hand-woven rugs, urban recycled art and revolutionary lighting as well as concept furniture, wallcoverings and upholstery.  Embracing traditional Ukrainian heritage and techniques, UPD creates contemporary custom-made pieces in favour of the mass-produced retail market. The ethos of members is an unwavering commitment to bring Ukrainian design to the forefront of the international stage.

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