• Yulya Yalanzhi began experimenting with cellulose back in 2015 when she set about inventing ground-breaking recipes as the components for her unique textural lighting designs. 

  • Exploring the qualities and flexibility of natural raw materials and their capabilities took Yulya and her co-founder and partner, Yevhen Melnychenko, on quite a journey. It was during the ‘cellular practice’ project series that the brand’s early lighting design concepts were born. Yalanzhi Objects began in 2017 and today their designs have made waves at exhibitions across Europe including Paris, Eindhoven, London and Ukraine, making their debut at 2018 ‘The Paris Experience’.  In the same year, they made their mark at the ‘Paris Revelations’ exhibit and participated in ‘Paper Inside’, an exhibition showcasing paper-based designs.

  • Manufacturing, which began in Odesa, moved to Kyiv. Despite the setbacks of COVID and the devastation and disruption brought about by the war, the company successfully increased production in 2023.  Defying the odds, they opened a new workshop and created a space to welcome visitors.  Thriving in such a difficult climate is a testament to Yulya’s talent and Yevhen’s entrepreneurial and technical prowess.

  • The design forms and their intricate textures, created by the skilful perfection of processes, make quite an impact.  Painted in the deeply pigmented palettes and trending colours of the design-conscious and sustainable ‘Little Greene’, they blend harmoniously with classic and modern interiors.  Little Greene works in close partnership with The UK National Trust. With their eco-friendly reputation and commitment to protecting the environment, it is the perfect pairing to enhance their striking designs.  In addition to providing a practical function, they capture attention and transform a space as a sensory art form, creating statement centrepieces around which other design elements revolve.

  • The ethos that underpins the designs and lies at the heart of everything they do is one of ‘temporal extent’.  This refers to the timeless meaning and joy derived from objects whose artistic skill and cultural significance have been accumulated over generations.  To understand and appreciate the significance of this, we must look at the historical context.  Due to long periods of political unrest, Ukrainians have throughout the generations been deprived of inheriting material consumer goods.  This has instigated a desire to create timeless, sustainable objects with profound intrinsic value that will stand the test of time, to be enjoyed by many future generations.

  • Sustainability extends to the manufacturing process to ensure the environmental impact is low. Paper, derived from wood that has outlived its natural life, is blended with natural fibres and polymers, to create a highly pliable and flexible composite, similar in texture to clay.  The plasticity of the material allows considerable artistic freedom with the flexibility to offer bespoke customer service.  Yalanzhi Objects can adapt designs in size, shape and colour to satisfy personal taste and need. Once dry, the mould hardens to the toughness of wood, creating durable and lasting designs, in contrast to their fragile and delicate appearance. It’s a completely transformative process which Yalanzhi likens to the natural reincarnation process, using raw materials to create something even greater than before.  This is sustainable upcycling at its finest.  Aligned with their commitment to environmental responsibility, the lights are designed to be used with low LED bulbs of varying strengths to create a layered ambience.

  • The large Marevo pendant, painted the colour of natural cloud, was inspired by the free and organic movement of descending fog as it disperses to fill the air.  Characterised by its hollow form, which allows light to penetrate, it encourages a play of light and shadows replicating sunlight bouncing off trees, plants and other natural forms.  Allowing free movement of light creates a soothing and meditative effect and softens hard edges making it an ideal selection for rooms with high ceilings which complement its large scale.

  • The iconic Plattya collection was featured at KIFF (The Kyiv International Furniture Forum).

  • The Plattya pendant depicts the shape and curves of a woman’s dress with its undulating rims representative of the ruffles and folds of hems.  Reflecting female qualities, energy and attitude, it is designed to take centre stage in the home. Shown here in bold colours of earthy clay and contrasting black and white, it features a striking design with curved stripes to emphasise the natural shape and billows of a skirt.

  • Following the onset of military invasion, Yalanzhi Objects turned to their Ukrainian roots to seek design inspiration that reflected their cultural identity as a demonstration of their support and solidarity. They created The Mavkas Collection, depicting legendary images of Ukrainian mythology.The Mavkas are magical female creatures of the forests whose souls wander the mountains and meadows in the moonlight. Just like the lights, they come alive at night and gain strength with the sunset.  Their tactile texture is designed toresemble the natural organic waves found in bark and their minimalist form is gently and whimsically curved to create a visual impact of dancing light. Painted in the colours of the forest, with layered greens, blacks and beige, the pendants are the perfect size to hang above a bedside cabinet or bar counter. The effect is intensified by using more than one pendant to create a lively interplay of light.

  • Constantly evolving, Yalanzhi Objects continues to create and launch new, unique and exciting designs like the Peony and Techiya, each with their own characteristics but all made organically using Yulya’s natural recipes. The Amphora and Baniak collections are designed to replicate the look of ancient, moulded clay with its detailed markings yet without the heaviness associated with ceramics. Whilst still robust, this lightness of form is a design hero allowing for greater practicality during installation.

  • To complement their Bavovna lighting collection, they have expanded their reach to create a set of three interconnected and highly sculptural wall panels, using the same flexible composite to bring their designs to life. ‘Bavovna’ literally translated means cotton. The delicate flower heads and their gentle movement were the inspiration behind the designs.

  • This sentiment reflects the enduring nature of their timeless designs, beginning as one life form and transforming into a thing of beauty derived from a desire to bring continual visual joy to their surroundings coupled with a meaningful story and deeper emotional connection.

The items used in the project