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Kateryna Sokolova



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The Delaunay are beautiful vases from the Suprematism collection inspired by Ukrainian-born, French artist, Sonia Delaunay. Their geometric shapes, such as circles and rectangles, provide an interesting visual aesthetic, while their functional purpose makes them ideal for displaying flowers and other decorations. These vases stand out from the rest because their design is inspired by Delaunay`s ideas. Her interpretation of Suprematism is striking, reflecting the early twentieth-century focus on the simplest forms such as squares, lines, circles and rectangles. The vase is a perfect addition to any space; creating a sophisticated and elegant look that will add interest to any room.

Materials: metals, painted steel
Dimensions: H 26,5 cm x W 15 cm x D 17,5 cm
Packaging dimensions: H 13 cm x W 24 cm x D 24 cm
Weight: 2 kg

Lead Time: 3 weeks

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The sophisticated geometric patterns used in these designs make them more than just vases - they act as dividers and holders for flowers to create the most elegant compositions. The geometric design of the vases accentuates the interest and beauty of the floral arrangements.


Delaunay vases were presented at a number of prestigious exhibitions throughout Europe. Their quality has been recognized and they have received a large number of awards at various exhibitions.

SUPREMATIC collection participated in such exhibitions:

2023 - Collectible Design Fair 2023. Joint exposition with Panoptikum Collections
2023 - Maison & Objet. Collective Ukrainian exposition "L'art de la résilience/ Ukrainian design and craft"
2022 - London Design Festival. Brompton Design District’s curated program “Make yourself at Home”.
2022 - Milan Design Week. Super Design Show at Superstudio
2022 - Barcelona Design Week. Part of the collective Ukrainian exposition “Ukraine. Design for real time”
2022 - Lithuanian Design Week
2022 - Budapest Design Week
2021 - 3 Days of Design Copenhagen
2021 - KIFF Kyiv International Furniture Forum
2020 - Maison & Objet. Showcased the first furniture collection
2019 - Art Élysées. Art & Design in Paris
2019 - Milan Design Week. Super Design Show at Superstudio
2019 - 1000 VASES DUBAI at Dubai Design District
2019 - Imm Cologne. Collaboration with ELIO HOME
2018 - Exhibition Modern_ism at Dutch Design Week
2018 - Maison & Objet. Showcased the first decor and lighting collection
2017 - debut at Dutch Design Week

2020 - Archiproducts design selection - Fuorisalone
2019 - Archiproducts design selection - Fuorisalone

Combination of colour

Delaunay CS10 with the Gabo CS10

Each Delaunay vase has its own colour scheme that harmonises with other vases in this collection. When vases are grouped together the possibilities of creating a stunning visual impression are almost endless.

The combination of the Delaunay CS10 vase with the Gabo CS10 vases creates a warm and expressive colour composition. Such a combination of colours and geometric shapes will impress the most discerning connoisseur of modern decor.

Delaunay CS9 with the Gabo CS9

And the combination of the Delaunay Vase CS9 with the Gabo Vase CS not only attracts with their geometry, but also with their calm pastel colour scheme, ideal for a bedroom, for example.

Delaunay CS7 with Gabo CS7

At the same time, the Delaunay Vase CS7 in combination with the Gabo Vase CS7 create an atmosphere of cosy warmth thanks to the perfectly chosen colour scheme.

Delaunay CS1 with Ekster CS1

Delaunay Vase CS1 in combination with Ekster Vase CS1 create an interesting geometric configuration and also impress with their stunningly beautiful colour effects. Combined with complementary colours and lighting, the Delaunay and Ekster vases are sure to make a truly captivating impression.

Delaunay CS9 and Gabo CS9

Vase Delaunay CS9 and Gabo Vase CS9 have become the principal focus at vase exhibitions for a reason.

Perfectly formed in their composition and their colour scheme, the striking balance of dark and light, reveal a depth of tones, combining to create an elegant look.

Delaunay CS11 with Gabo CS11

The composition of Delaunay Vase CS11 and Gabo Vase CS11 attracts the eye with its brilliant simplicity and geometric perfection.

And the complex combination of light beige and gentle pale mint creates a calm and, at the same time, modern feeling to your interior.

In the interior

These vases are more than just decorative items — they can make a lasting impact in the interior of your home. They add balance and rhythm to your space. Each different vase brings its individual style to your decor, and its basic form can complement any furniture.

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    Gabo Vase CS7 with Delaunay Vase CS7

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    Delaunay Vase CS7, Gabo CS7 and Ekster CS7

  • @noomhome

    Delaunay Vase CS and Ekster Vase CS1

  • @maria_zakutska_interiors

    Delaunay Vase CS and Ekster Vase CS1

  • @noomhome

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    Delaunay Vase CS7 and Malevich Limited CSL2

The art of production


    BIOGRAPHY of Kateryna Sokolova

    A native of Ukraine, Kateryna Sokolova is an exceptionally talented industrial designer born in 1984. In addition to being the founder and creative director of her own design studio SOKOLOVA,...

    BIOGRAPHY of Kateryna Sokolova

    A native of Ukraine, Kateryna Sokolova is an exceptionally talented industrial designer born in 1984. In addition to being the founder and creative director of her own design studio SOKOLOVA,...

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