Unique high-quality design pieces of furniture available in London and across the UK

We cater to bespoke commissions, providing design and furnishing services that help transform spaces into works of art. Whether you're looking to enhance your interior with a one-of-a-kind piece or seeking to design and furnish a space from the ground up, Ukrainian Product Design is your ideal partner.

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Our primary focus revolves around collaborating with designers. UPD boasts an extensive array of products tailored for commercial spaces, with many finding a home in cafes, restaurants, and hotels, garnering positive feedback.

In the realm of furniture, we excel in harmonising beauty, functionality, and durability. Our diverse product range ensures a comprehensive selection of essential furniture pieces, and we are open to exploring unique collaborations with British designers.

Additionally, we provide a furnishing service, offering designers the assurance of our expertise in showcasing furniture within interiors and handling the complete furnishing process. Rather than competitors, we see ourselves as co-authors, ready to collaborate closely with designers to achieve mutual success.

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  • Ergonomic design

  • Unique items

  • Natural materials

  • Our team of highly experienced designers is renowned for delivering top-notch products, having earned acclaim in Europe and the USA through exhibitions, positive reviews, and prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Award.

    Our designs embody elegant simplicity, each item standing alone as a testament to modern artistry and home decor.

    We bring a touch of Ukrainian flair to our fine-design products, seamlessly blending the spirit of modern Ukraine with traditional craftsmanship and primal materials, adding a unique character to any design project.

    In the face of war, Ukrainian master craftsmen persevere in their creative endeavours amid destruction. Our mission is to support them in maintaining their artisan skills, utilising traditional materials and techniques to preserve a living tradition. Items produced during this challenging period serve as monuments to this historical turning point, boasting high investment value.

    Founded by a professional with hands-on experience across the design product sphere, UPD ensures a secure purchase.

    Our services extend beyond mere selling. We offer professional consultations and complete design packages tailored to specific needs, together with customisation options that reduce production times for bespoke products, all crafted according to the client's preferences.

  • Customization

  • Upcycling

  • High value

    • Available in-stock or customizable for made-to-order options.
    • Made-to-order items boast a shorter lead time for quicker delivery.
    • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail using durable materials and skilled workmanship.
    • Comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service for added peace of mind.
    • Competitive pricing below market rates, inclusive of VAT, installation services, and all additional fees.
    • Exclusive cooperation terms tailored for designers.
    • Expert assistance in selecting furniture for your design projects.
  • Environmentally friendly materials

  • Sustainability

  • Ancient technology

  • Located in the UK, Ukrainian Product Design presents a distinctive collection of high-quality design items. Established in 2023 by Oksana Tverdokhlibova, we are uniting award-winning designers specialising in crafting exceptional products for commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors. With over 7 years of expertise in product design, Oksana is well-acquainted with the journey from the production workshop through to renowned galleries.

  • We carefully curate an extraordinary selection of iconic statement pieces, ranging from luxurious furniture, exquisite lighting, and elegant rugs to bold eclectic artefacts, captivating wallcoverings, and sumptuous upholstery. Our mission is to unite a community of Ukrainian artists and designers dedicated to preserving traditional craftsmanship while pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

  • We are open to collaboration with designers and architects in London and across the UK, with our products proudly manufactured in Ukraine and delivered to the UK. The price includes delivery, VAT, and installation costs. Customisation options are available. Our efficient production facilities enable us to minimise production time for tailored orders.

  • Ukrainian Product Design has showcased its creations at notable events such as Trade Mission, London Design Fair, and the recent DECOREX at Olympia, London.

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