• Today, we will tell you more about our new Design and Furnishing service, and showcase the first project created by our interior designer in the UK, Ganna Goiman.

  • Ganna, tell us a bit about yourself and what you primarily focus on in your work.

    I started developing my first projects while still a student at the Faculty of Architecture in Kyiv. In 2005, I graduated from the University with a Master's degree in Architecture . In my first job I gained experience in a company designing public space projects and for over 9 years this was my true passion.

    In 2014, I founded my own design studio with like-minded colleagues, focusing on the development of private and public interiors. Our distinctive feature is working in various architectural styles with an individual approach tailored to each client, attention to detail at all stages of the project, and the essential component of on-site supervision, which allows us to realise and preserve the project's concept faithfully. 

    Working with a team is highly coordinated. In the past year, we have successfully implemented various projects despite our team members living and working in different countries.

  • What was your inspiration for creating this interior, and who is it designed for?

    The space is traditional with a beautiful bay window and a cosy fireplace area. Therefore, my inspiration for creating this space came from classic English interiors and the Welsh countryside that  surrounds me now. The interior is designed  for people who appreciate a combination of traditional and contemporary elements and find these interesting.

    This interior is suitable for both families with children and couples. It creates a cosy atmosphere for spending time and relaxing together.

  • How did you arrive at the choice of the circle as the chief linking element of the interior?

    Nature takes centre stage in this interior, symbolising the essence of the space. The influence of nature is evident in every detail, from wallpapers to carefully selected materials and colour palette.

    The circle appears as a prominent element that goes beyond just the tabletop; it extends to the chairs, candle holders, and repeating in the form of lighting. The circle holds deep cultural significance in various societies, representing the worship of the sun. In this sunlit interior, the circular shape finds its rightful place, harmonising with the abundant natural lighting that bathes the apartment throughout the day.

    The sun has been revered for its life-giving and transformative qualities associated with vitality and enlightenment. It symbolises the eternal cycle of life, growth, and rebirth, reflecting the reverence people have felt towards this celestial body for centuries.

    For me, it was important to create an interior where people would feel filled with new energy and inspiration.

  • What advice do you have for working with such a layout, and what aspects should one pay attention to?

    The main element of this space is the traditional bay window, which has a special Victorian charm. We strategically placed the dining area in this sunlit space with picturesque views, providing an excellent atmosphere for shared meals and unforgettable moments with loved ones.

    Choosing the bay window area for placing the dining table has several advantages. By utilising the bay, you can position your dining table in a way that best optimises the space and ensures convenient seating and movement around the table.

    We also wanted to create multiple zones for cosy relaxation and spending time together. That's why we used different lighting scenarios for the evening. In addition to the main central lighting, minimalist metal wall sconces and a floor lamp were introduced, serving not only as accent lighting but also complementing the black metal details  of the bookshelf.

  • What items did you use and why?

    Our main task was to create a cohesive interior, starting from functional furniture and ending with decor and art. Thanks to the wide range of furniture options available at UPD, we were able to select pieces that perfectly suited the style and our concept for the space.

    For the seating area, we chose a comfortable and stylish sofa upholstered in a neutral fabric, accompanied by a set of coffee tables in various sizes. These tables not only provide functionality but also serve as decorative elements in the centre of the room.

    In the dining area, we opted for a round dining table made of solid wood, surrounded by upholstered chairs with a sleek and modern design. The circular shape of the table also promotes a sense of unity and facilitates conversation among diners.

    To complement the space, we included a multifunctional sideboard near the fireplace. This piece not only provides storage but also acts as an additional surface for serving meals or displaying decorative items.

    The bookshelf serves as both a functional and decorative element, housing a collection of books and objects that add personality to the room. Its black metal texture contrasts beautifully with the warm tones of the surrounding elements.

    In terms of lighting, we incorporated a combination of central ceiling lighting, minimalist wall sconces, and a floor lamp. This allowed us to create a different ambiance and highlight specific areas of the room during evening hours.

    For the decor, we carefully selected art pieces and accessories that complemented the overall style and added visual interest. These included framed prints, decorative vases, and textiles that brought texture and colour to the space.

    Overall, every item used in this interior was chosen with the intention of creating a harmonious and inviting environment while reflecting the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements.

  • What is your main advice for those who would like to create the perfect  interior design for their living room? 

    My main advice is to seek the expertise of professionals in the field and have open discussions about your preferences and priorities. By entrusting your project to skilled professionals, you can ensure that your vision is understood and executed to perfection. Collaborating with a designer or an interior decorator will not only save you time and effort but also provide you with valuable insights and creative solutions. Their expertise in space planning, colour schemes, furniture selection, lighting, and decor will help you achieve a harmonious and inviting living room. Don`t be afraid of communicating your needs, desires, and personal style to the professionals, and they will be able to tailor the design to your taste and preferences. Once the project is complete, all that's left to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the cosy and welcoming ambiance of your newly designed living room.

The items used in the project