BIOGRAPHY of Rostyslav Sorokovyi

Rostyslav Sorokovyi is a Ukrainian designer with a focus on both industrial and interior design. His passion for design excellence led him to establish MUDU design studio in 2020, headquartered in the vibrant city of Lviv.

Rostyslav's journey in design began with a solid foundation in education, having graduated from the National Polytechnic University with a degree in interior design and the fundamentals of architecture. This academic background equipped him with the knowledge and skills to pursue his creative ambitions.

Beyond the academic realm, Rostyslav is a well-recognized figure in the European design circuit. He has actively participated in prestigious exhibitions such as Maison & Objet and Barcelona Design Week. These experiences have allowed him to showcase his innovative creations on an international stage.

Rostyslav's design prowess is further underlined by his impressive list of accolades. He has clinched titles in several renowned design competitions, including the Industart Design Award 2019, The Very Best Of Ukrainian Design 2020, and the International Lighting Design Competition 2022.

When it comes to design philosophy, Rostyslav embraces simplicity, minimalist aesthetics, and a touch of spontaneity. His creations are a testament to the idea that design transcends mere functionality – it also holds the power to evoke emotions. Rostyslav believes in crafting objects that not only serve a purpose but also resonate with individuals on a deeper, emotional level. His work reflects a harmonious blend of form, function, and the power to stir the human spirit.

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