BIOGRAPHY of Yuriy Myrko and Bogdan Kryvosheya - UKRAINIAN PRODUCT DESIGN

BIOGRAPHY of Yuriy Myrko and Bogdan Kryvosheya

GORN Ceramics is the brainchild of master ceramicists and art workshops in Ukraine, specializing in the creation of one-of-a-kind decor, design pieces, and art objects made from clay. The project was founded in Kyiv in 2018 by the Art and Creative Director, Bogdan Kryvosheya, and the talented artist-ceramist, Yuriy Myrko.

Yuriy Myrko, born in 1983 in the renowned ceramics hub of Opishnya, Poltava region, has an intimate connection with clay. After completing school, Yuriy delved into ceramics at a local factory for a year. He later earned a degree in "Fine Arts and Crafts" from Poltava National Technical University. Following his university education, he established his own workshop in Opishnya. In 2018, he relocated to Kyiv and joined forces with Bogdan Kryvosheya to establish GORN Ceramics. Yuriy's perspective on clay is profound: "For me, clay is a material that brings life. I'm well-versed in various ceramic techniques, but I always perceive myself as a co-author with the material. It's a collaborative process of creation."

Bogdan Kryvosheya, born in Kyiv in 1994, holds a degree in Business Management from Queen Mary University of London. Simultaneously, he engaged in music, fashion, and design projects during his academic years. In 2015, he returned to Kyiv and actively participated in organizing diverse festivals and events, including the dissociative art festival "That's Wassup." In 2018, Bogdan teamed up with artist-ceramist Yuriy Myrko to establish the GORN Ceramics workshop. His view on ceramics is deeply spiritual: "Ceramics, for me, embodies pure spiritualism. GORN Ceramics is an ever-evolving project exploring new avenues and directions. We create what resonates with us aesthetically, conceptually, and energetically — what we believe truly matters." Beyond ceramics, Bogdan is deeply involved in various art and design projects, collaborating with diverse artists and workshops. In 2018, he also founded an art manufactory in Kyiv known as "22F."

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