BIOGRAPHY of Yulya Yalanzhi


YALANZHI OBJECTS lamps defy classification within stylistic currents and trends. Their bold interplay of shapes and colors renders interiors timeless, embodying a fundamental value of the brand – temporal extent. This extends across generations, experiences, knowledge, and the temporality of living in a home filled with meaning. In the absence of a stable tradition of inheritance due to historical hardships, YALANZHI OBJECTS lamps strive for sustainability in both production and style. They are designed to be as valuable to your children as they are to you today.


Founded in 2017, YALANZHI OBJECTS consistently releases daring collections, pushing the boundaries of form perception. Expressing respect for the planet, each piece is meticulously handcrafted from natural recycled materials. The brand's journey with cellulose experimentation began in 2015, leading to the creation of lighting designs in 2017. A pivotal year, marked by exhibitions in Odesa and Kyiv, transitioned the brand from pure art to object design.

The experimentation phase in 2018 saw YALANZHI OBJECTS participate in events in Paris, solidifying its international presence. Noteworthy collaborations and discussions on color ensued, with the brand making a big move to Kyiv in 2019. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the brand evolved, culminating in breakthroughs in 2021 and 2022, including a nomination for Interior of the Year and participation in international exhibitions.

In 2023, the brand rejuvenates with a new workshop, increased production, and an open space for visitors. Continuing its global presence, YALANZHI OBJECTS presents the new Marevo lamp and conquers Paris once again at the Revelations exhibition.


Ethical Responsibility: Open to experimentation, YALANZHI OBJECTS avoid replicas and commit to preserving and showcasing Ukrainian cultural archetypes. The designs reflect cultural identity and history.

Cultural Preservation: YALANZHI OBJECTS acts as contemporary guardians, preserving Ukrainian cultural identity through there designs.

Timeless Sustain: Committed to sustainability, these pieces are designed to be timeless, providing value across generations.

Solidarity: YALANZHI OBJECTS support Ukraine in its time of need, both personally and by celebrating Ukrainian culture.

Holistic Interaction: Beyond selling lamps, YALANZHI OBJECTS builds lasting relationships through personal contact, customization, and flexible return policies.


Transforming wood into paper and then molding it into unique forms, YALANZHI OBJECTS doesn't just recycle; they reincarnate materials, adding flexibility and strength. This process results in a unique masterpiece, blending sustainability and artistry.


Using The Little Greene English paints, these complex coating colors facilitate harmonious combinations in your interior. YALANZHI OBJECTS dedicates narratives to each gem in their palette, underscoring thr sensitivity to colors.


YALANZHI OBJECTS custom projects ensure there works are ideal for your interior, with high plasticity allowing size and color adaptation.


A symphony of beauty intertwining natural silhouettes and contemporary design, YALANZHI OBJECTS' aesthetics convey profound intrinsic value. They preserves roots while moving forward with purpose.


While YALANZHI OBJECTS' role might not be key, they contribute to victory and prosperity. Supporting Ukraine is deeply personal for them, evident in there actions. Beyond personal involvement, there creations showcase Ukraine's cultural heritage and resilience, actively promoting awareness and understanding of the country's unique identity. YALANZHI OBJECTS remains engaged in events, workshops, and exhibitions to foster this understanding nationally and internationally.

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