BIOGRAPHY of Yevhen Lytvynenko

Yevhen Lytvynenko is a subject designer.
Yevhen started in the small industrial town of Zelenodolsk. He finished a couple of art schools and applied to the Kryvyi Rih art college. Yevhen realized he no longer wanted to work hard physically to earn a living while having golden hands.
Moving to Kyiv he became a designer at a plastic card factory. And a whirlwind of events began! The graphic design studio, its closing, and... returning home.

The second attempt to move to Kyiv, already as an interior designer, was more successful. After working in this field for 12 years, creating a family, and having a child, Yevhen reassessed his values. His design has become more practical, and vital.

After the first trip to Milan, iSaloni, Yehven figured out how to digitize all the drawings he stored in boxes and created "TheO" wallpaper brand.

Next was creating the first Ukrainian furniture and décor brand "First family". Yevhen thought it was a great start, but the project blew up.

Then he had one of the most successful collaborations with the children's furniture brand "Sleep Onn". In 2 years, a brand and a full line of children's modern furniture were made.

After a successful case, the "ReQuiet" project with the FDA Group: noise-absorbing surfaces from recycled plastic bottles and a line of office furniture, was started.

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