BIOGRAPHY of Woodsun

Founded in 2017, WOODSUN underwent a strategic rebranding in 2020 to specialize in a niche market of outdoor recreational furniture crafted from solid wood varieties such as oak, ash, thermal ash, alder, and pine. Sourcing raw materials from state auctions guarantees environmental sustainability, adherence to radiation standards, and the legality of the wood used.

WOODSUN prides itself on its full production cycle, encompassing everything from careful wood selection in the forest to the delivery and installation of the final products in customers' homes. The core of their production relies on quality raw materials, beginning at their own sawmill where wood is cut, dried, and prepared for manufacturing. The use of state-of-the-art Italian drying chambers ensures the wood reaches ideal moisture levels of 6-8%, crucial for preventing cracking and shrinkage.

Controlled by advanced computer systems, every step of the production process is monitored to ensure perfection. WOODSUN adheres strictly to meticulously developed drawings and rigorous testing. They use only the highest quality European fittings and components, and their soft furnishings are made from top-tier fabrics by skilled artisans using the latest equipment.

WOODSUN's furniture reflects modern trends with a commitment to high quality and environmental responsibility. They view their relationship with customers as a partnership in creating beautiful, functional living spaces conducive to comfort and enjoyment.

Advantages of Choosing WOODSUN:

  • Comprehensive production cycle ensuring quality control from start to finish.
  • Original handmade products, blending artistry with utility.
  • Commitment to environmental standards using the finest Ukrainian wood.
  • Products designed for durability, reliability, and practicality.
  • Extensive customization options including a broad palette of wood finishes and textile choices.

    Unique Selling Points:
  • WOODSUN offers natural wood products at prices competitive with European counterparts.
  • Customers have complete control over the selection of raw materials, finishes, and fabrics, ensuring personalized solutions.
  • WOODSUN eschews the use of synthetic materials, opting for high-quality, sustainable alternatives.

Serhii, the founder of WOODSUN, states, "I established WOODSUN to serve extraordinary individuals who value aesthetics, style, and comfort—not merely as concepts but as a profound lifestyle philosophy."

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