My creative method is upcycling. I firmly believe that in our overly saturated world, recycling is the most ethical and potentially creative way to produce art. In my work, I utilise components from the Soviet automotive industry, fragments of household appliances, vintage ceramics and porcelain, remnants from furniture production, used mailboxes, and more. Materials are all around us, overflowing our cities!

As for stylistic affiliation, I consider myself a successor of Suprematism. The revolutionary ideas of Kazimir Malevich serve as an endless source of inspiration for me, as do the experiments of the Kharkiv group "New Generation" led by Vasyl Yermilov. I am fascinated by the challenges of modernism and its various expressions, especially in Ukraine. Monumental art from the Soviet era remains a constant object of my interest and research.

I work in three primary directions: art, interior objects, and jewellery. My creations combine design attributes (invention, technology, quality) with artistic qualities (unique status of each piece, author's handmade work).

  • Dutch Design Week (October 2018, Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Milan Design Week (April 2019 and 2022, Milan, Italy)
  • When Design Meets Art (Gallery "Golden Section," February 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Dimensions of Lines, Shapes, and White (Absynt Gallery, September 2022, Winterthur, Switzerland)
  • Tesori Ukraini (YouNique Gallery, March 2023, Lugano, Switzerland).

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