BIOGRAPHY of Natalya Osaulenko and Olga Karetnikova-Kotiagina

Founded by Olha and Natalya, ZVYAZANI bring back the artistry of multi-shaft handloom weaving, shunning mass production for the authenticity of craftsmanship.The skilled weavers, graduates of Kyiv University, hand-dye wool using natural dyes, pouring their passion into each rug, a labor of love taking 1-3 months to complete. The response has been incredible, with orders reaching as far as Japan, the USA, and across Europe.Choose from modern aesthetics or delve into the rich tapestry of Ukrainian folk art. The family tree pattern symbolizes strength, resonating deeply in today's world. Traditional designs like 'June' embody the essence of summer and fertility, 'Nuances' celebrate the uniqueness of women, while 'Naked Beauty' reflects the freedom of unguarded natural beauty.

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