BIOGRAPHY of Dmytro Kozinenko

Designer Dmytro Kozinenko, born in Ukraine in 1985, embarked on his creative journey at the Ukrainian Academy of Printing, where he pursued a degree in graphic arts. With over a decade of experience in the realm of product design, he has left an indelible mark on the field.

While Kozinenko is renowned for his mass-production furniture designs, his creative spirit yearns for more. He seeks to venture into the captivating territory where design and art converge, giving rise to furniture concepts that transcend the bounds of mass production. These concepts serve as fertile ground for honing his "design thinking" skills and exploring uncharted creative territories.

Kozinenko's collaborations extend far and wide, encompassing Ukrainian companies like WOO and transcending borders to include esteemed European furniture brands such as Roche Bobois, Durame, Breitenthaler, and many more. His work has garnered numerous awards in the realm of product design and has been a consistent presence in international design competitions. As a testament to his influence, he has been a frequent participant in the world's premier furniture exhibition in Milan.

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