BIOGRAPHY of Vadim Livshyts and Aleksandr Bosenko is the brainchild of a unique collaboration between two innovative forces in the design world. It brings together the creative genius of AIIX.STUDIO, led by the visionary Aleksandr Bosenko, and the exceptional craftsmanship of Vadim Livshyts, a third-generation stonemason and the proud owner of the esteemed family-owned stone processing manufactory, INSTECH.

The foundations of this partnership were laid in the rich soil of friendship and years of successful cooperation between the two companies. Bound by shared experiences and a common vision, emerged as a brand destined to redefine the realm of decor and furniture crafted from the finest natural stone. made its inaugural debut at the prestigious Milan Design Week in 2022, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Together, these creative forces are poised to create unparalleled pieces that seamlessly blend artistry, craftsmanship, and the timeless beauty of natural stone, setting new standards of excellence in the world of design.

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