BIOGRAPHY of Andrey Rudenko and Boris Pilipenko

PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS stands as a testament to the transformative power of bringing even the most extraordinary ideas to life, resulting in astonishing yet highly functional interior pieces. Conceived by the visionary minds of Andrey Rudenko and Boris Pilipenko, this platform serves as a playground for design experimentation, encompassing ideas, materials, shapes, and textures.

This collection is a treasury of unconventional creations, each born from audacious concepts. The most priceless notions go beyond the realm of resource allocation, requiring a blend of courage, intuition, and skill.

Every piece is issued in limited quantities, complete with a unique passport and serial number. These objects undoubtedly exemplify investment-worthy gallery design, and their value only appreciates with the passage of time.

Each idea materialized in these design pieces serves as a showcase of the technical, structural, and imaginative prowess of Kassone Individual Furniture. Having amassed a wealth of reputation and invaluable experience working with solid wood and metal, Kassone's specialists embarked on a daring journey—reserved for only the most intrepid explorers. For the creation of each new item is nothing less than a unique adventure.

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