BIOGRAPHY of Max Voytenko

Max Voyntenko is a multidisciplinary designer whose creative journey has traversed the realms of architecture, environmental design, and, most notably, industrial design.

He quickly became immersed in the world of architectural innovation and interior design. His architectural expertise provided a strong foundation for his creative endeavors and laid the groundwork for his future design ventures.

As an architect and interior designer, he has crafted spaces that harmoniously blend aesthetics and functionality. His unique perspective on spatial design has enriched the experiences of those who inhabit his creations.

A pivotal moment in Max's design journey came in 2014 when he ventured into furniture, lighting, and decor design. What initially began as a hobby soon evolved into a fervent exploration of how design could enhance everyday life. Max's distinctive approach to these elements began to take shape.

Since 2019, Max Voyntenko has transitioned from his design passion being a mere hobby to a full-time profession. This significant step allowed him to unleash his creative potential on an international stage.

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