BIOGRAPHY of Denis Sokolov

Denis Sokolov studied at the Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Dnipro, Ukraine, successfully completing his studies in 2009. He emerged with a master's degree in urban planning and architecture, laying the foundation for his promising career.

In 2008, Denis Sokolov co-founded "SVOYA studio," a creative design enterprise. The studio's philosophy is deeply rooted in an integrated approach, emphasizing the intrinsic value of every element they craft. They infuse each creation with profound meaning and uphold the values of meaningful human relationships with the talented individuals who surround them, fostering trust that fuels continuous growth. Over the years, their extensive experience in full project support has allowed them to assemble a dependable team of diverse specialists, enabling the successful realization of new projects.

"SVOYA studio" boasts an impressive track record of accolades in the field of design, receiving numerous prestigious awards over the past decade.

These include accolades such as:
Red Dot award 2016. Best of the best
Elle Decoration. International design award 2018
SBID international design award Finalist 2018
Red Dot Design ranking 2018. One of the top design studio 2018 – ART SPACE interior award 2021
YELLOW 2020-2021
Roche Bobois Design award 2019
Interiorgoda 2021
Interiorgoda 2019
Interiorgoda 2016
Interium award 2016.

Furthermore, "SVOYA studio" actively participates in significant events aimed at advancing the design sphere.

Their involvement has included contributions to esteemed events like:
Paris Design Week 2017
Dutch design week Eindhoven 2017
Milano design week 2019
Barcelona Design Week 2022 -M&O 2023, highlighting their commitment to pushing the boundaries of design excellence.

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